Friday, September 22, 2006

Still only 16 profile views.
Secret Stash 2 even linked to me blog in one of his posts...maybe he doesn't have many readers as this is his new blog and the readers of his old deleted blog may not have found his new one.
Still wondering if the girl at the beach at the end of the world is still blogging somewhere...or was it really some bloke named Ron... either way, I miss the stories/posts.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Went to the urologist.
Yearly checkup and ultra sound of the kidneys & bladder.
Left side all stones... left side all better.
Right side...not good..."The scan shows a stone in your right kidney Ms. Lindi"
Damn! I knew it. Had all the symptoms, but hoped it wasn't true.
"You look really bummed out"
Good news is that it is still in the kidney and they can smash it up with Lithotripsy(?)
Still bummed out.
October will be a fun month.
Dentist = 2 crowns and a filling replacement.
OB/GYN= yearly pap & mamogram
Urologist= water torture...i mean Lithotripsy, prior to that blood work, EKG etc, all the pre-op tests.
just need to schedule a colonoscopy and the month will be complete! ...actually that can wait till next spring, only can handle so much torture in one month.

Ate 1/2 pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream... comfort food.
Need to find a different way to deal with stress and depression.

Another friend at work is leaving.

I think I need to get some canvases and start painting.
But girl took all my oils and acrylics..actually I gave them to her.
I have watercolors.
Any watercolor paintings I do are always compared to my fathers work. He taught an adult education water color class. He is good and has won many awards at shows...
It's hard to find your niche when you come from a family of artists.
I made crafts for a while.
Designed christmas ornaments and cut them out of wood on my scroll saw and painted them and sold them at craft shows... but hubby complained about the "mess" and referred to it as my craft crap...real I don't make crafts any more.
I need to get back to doing something creative.
I started a design in pencil last week based on a painting that I saw in one of my dreams...not sure where I want to go with it, whether to leave it black and white or to add color.

should go to bed as I have to go to work tomorrow. Should go in early tomorrow as I didn't get to work today till 11 am due to the urologist..and waiting to set up the 'procedure' and going to Target afterwards to buy a birthday gift for a 1 year old daughter of my cousin whose birthday party is Saturday. and buying cookies and a fruit smoothie and keylime yogurt...and a rubberband ball (it was on sale and i always wanted one. the rubberbands are different colors..pretty colors)

Good night and Happy weekend

Friday, September 15, 2006

wow...16 people looked at my profile.
promptly declared me blog boring and moved on the the spicier blogs. :-)
Hubby asked if I had a blog again and if I used it to dish/talk trash about him. There are enough blogs out there that trash talk their husbands. One is even called "100 Reasons why I Hate my Husband". I read the whole thing. Christine reached reason 100 and ended the blog. Her husband John made my hubby look like prince charming...

I am getting some stuff done here at home on my sick day off from work. I'm doing my laundry which I usually do on Saturdays. Not taking any drugs today, trying to "detox" from all the over the counter medication. Just plenty of water today.

Glad to be away from work. One of my co-workers is going on a much needed 2 week vacation starting Monday. I need a vacation away from her complaining and whining. She said that she is going to work on her resume while she is out. She is good at her job, but doesn't seem to enjoy it lately. The morale in the whole department has been in the toilet for a while now.

We received an e-mail from the personnel dept yesterday ...subject "Why we are not using the 2nd floor copy Machine" and there were pictures attached!
OMG! there was black toner every where and white footprints in the toner on the floor leading out of the copy room.
The gal that was changing the toner cartridge apparently had a problem putting the cartridge back in the copy machine and when she opened it back up to fix it it flew in the air and toner went everywhere!!! the last picture was her getting vacuumed off!
Glad it wasn't me!!!

(Yeah! I got the comment thingy back on the posts...)
It's nice to have the whole house to yourself some times.
No one peering over your shoulder as you try to journal.
Wish my brain would stop hurtiing though, kinda takes the fun out of taking the day off when your head hurts. (the font is green as that is how I feel today)

Boxer briefs
I like my man in boxer briefs.
There's just something sexy about the way that they hug his muscular thighs...and accentuate his....... Bikinis on a man look rediculous in my opinion...some may find it sexy..but not me. Boxers remind me of old men, regular briefs are for little boys.

Why am I talking about men's underware?.... must be the fever.

oh, yeah...boxer briefs... I decided that as sexy as they look on hubby they also looked comfortable. No tight elastic around the legs, and all cottony soft. One day while i was in walmart last year, I found that fruit of the loom had boxer briefs for ladies... wow, so i bought myself a package of 2. They are sooo comfy. But a gal needs more than 2 pairs of really comfy panties so I set out to find more, Hanes has "new" boy briefs. The picture on the package looked like the boxer briefs I have..sort of ...and they came in bright pretty colors. I like bright pretty colors and they had my size so I bought a 3 pack.

Before I wear new clothes, I have to wash them first... need to get rid of the excess sizing and chemicals that are put on the clothes... so i took them out of the packaging and threw the packaging away and put the boy briefs in the wash. I decided to wear a pair of them one night when hubby and I were going to an outdoor concert... wanted to be comfortable ya know.. I put on the pretty blue pair...hmmm a little snug, but as they are otton, they will stretch a little after I move around...or so I thought.

Nope....had to take them off after 2 minutes as I ended up with the worse front wedgie I ever had in my life! (the dreaded camel toe) WTF! same size as the other Hanes brand panties I own! and I can't take them back as i threw out the packaging.. I thought that maybe it was me ... was i built different than other women? As Girl is 2 sizes smaller than I i decided to give them to her. (washed the ones I had on for 2 minutes first) told her to see how pretty the colors are... she tried on the pretty green ones and low and behold SHE had the same problem!! "these are the most uncomfortable underwear!" I caught a glimpse of her and clearly understood why she said that!

I can't be us...must be the boy briefs. On further examination I found that the croch panel is about 3 inches shorter than on the other panties i own... so now I am stuck with 3 pairs of defective panties...suppose they will make pretty dusting rags!

Decided to use one of my 3 remaining sick days today as i feel like ... i got hit by a freight train.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fock...the black dog of depression has decided to make a return visit. At least today I didn't have the urge to turn in to on coming traffic. I think the only thing that actually stopped me from doing that, was realizing that it would ruin someone else's day if i plowed head-on into them.....yep that's me always thinking of the other guy!

The big surprise party was a success.
Everyone seemed to enjoy least according to the bar bill they had fun!
the folks were genuiney surprised.

Gained 3 pounds from all the cake....yum cake..
Ate all the rest of the icecream for get rid of it.
Got to get back on the diet.
Maybe I'll try the sex diet...everytime I want to snack after dinner, i'll attack my husband...that is if we are alone.
He will be happy and I will be thinner and happy ;)
Only trouble with that is he goes to bed so dang early...

If anyone is reading me blog, please leave me a message....or not.
Got to go watch Big Brother...

The three meme

1. Three things that scare me:
~The thought of something bad happening to one of my kids
~Getting an uncurable disease

2. Three people that make me laugh
~my 2 kids & husband

3. Three things I hate the most
~people who think they are better or more important
than everyone else
~Driving in a snow storm
~Having Dental work done & sigmoidoscopies

4. Three things I don't understand
~Hatred for someone who is racially different
~any language other than English

5. Three things I'm doing right now
~Drinking water
~Wishing I wouldn't have had icecream for dinner
~trying to think of answers for this thing!

6. Three things I want to do before I die
~Go on a long vacation, somewhere nice & not have to worry about money or time
~Win the lottery so I can do the above
~Buy the car that I really want and not just the one I can afford.

7. Three things I can do
~Make a wonerful Turkey dinner all by myself (done so many a Thanksgiving!!)
~bake an apple pie from scratch (homemade crust, fresh apples)
~wouldn't you like to know ;-)

8. Three ways to describe my personality
~Utterly loyal

9. Three things I can't do
~Jump out of bed as soon as I wake up
~Be unfaithful
~Lie convincingly

10. Three things you should listen to
~the little voice inside your head
~The sound of the waves and the seagulls at the beach
~your favorite songs on the way to work

11. Three things you should never listen to
~People who don't get you
~Prejudice people/Bigots

12. Three things I'd like to learn
~not take everything so deeply personally
~ to feel okay, every day
~to like myself more

13. Three favourite foods
~Chocolate :-(
~Ice cream

14. Three beverages I drink regularly

15. Three shows I watched as a kid
~Happy Days
~The Partidge Family

16...Three people I'm tagging (to do this)
~no one reads this, so I can't tag anyone :(

Thursday, August 31, 2006

i finally found my blogger name & password....forgot where i hid it but found it today. So i Can blog again. Was too lasy to set it all up again. Even though no one will probably read this.

Ode to Wegg
I read your blog for over a year. Suddenly it was gone. It was like reading a good novel and having it ripped out of your hands and throw in a fire so you could never find out what happened to your favorite heroine.
I hope you do carry on under your new blog...which will not be named here or linked from here.
I'm looking forward to finding out how your new roommate reacts to your life style...hopefully she's cool with it.
Weggly you are a good writer and I enjoyed reading your blog. It doesn't matter exactly who you are or where you work, it was the stories you told that kept me coming back.
So carry on writing Wegg for your readers who aren't trying to pry into your life or expose your real name or where you work.

Girl & Boy are back at college.
House is quiet again,
Hubby goes to bed early as he gets up at 5am for his 1 1/2 hour commute.
He has tomorrow off.
He needs a day off.
We both have Monday off for the Labor Day holiday.. both Boy and girl will be home for the weekend...they only have been back in college for 1 week...but as my birthday falls over the weekend and the big surprise 50th wedding anniversary party for the folks is also this,they are coming home.
This birthday will be better than 5 years ago when my mother in law died while we were on vacation and we had to cut our vacation short and drive back to town....13 hours.
My brother in law had the funeral on my birthday, the stove she bought us died also (when I was trying to cook 2 large trays of chicken for dinner after her wake), and because I was already on vacation my work place wouldn't give me the 3 berevement days I was intitled to...:-(
5 years ago was a very sucky birthday.
Now my husband is reminded of his mother's death on my birthday.
I hope this year's is better.

"Do you have a blog?"
asked hubby
"No, I have such a boing life who the hell would want to read about it."
said I before i found my password and user name.

Hope ya'll have a wonderful holiday weekend. With girl & boy home and only one computer I doubt i'll get much on-line time.

And throw in Fr BIL who is landing in to the city an hour before the BIG surprise party.
Ummm...would have been nice if he checked with us first before he set up his flight....maybe, just maybe we would have been out of town or something....and we are the ones who are in charge of bringing the folks to the BIG surprise party... I asked him to change his flight... his solution -> he asked a Cousin who lives 4 hours away in CANANDA to come to the city and pick him up and bring him into town and she can come with him to the party....
ummm... she wasn't invited as she is not from my side of the family, but can't say that as would sound petty... not a very christian thing to say to a priest or my husband's brother.

I found a mistake at work in something my boss gave me to do. I asked her about it and she said she was right, but would ask the guy in charge of "that" about it. Turns out I was right...YES...she said she must have been brain dead at the moment and it was a good call finding the error, but we have to leave it the way it was as that's how it is in the customer's contract. So I noted on the work that she said to do it that way ...CYA.

Are you bored yet.
I said my life is boring.

I thought I was in the desert at work yesterday as I saw CAMEL toes. This chick's pants were so tight that not only did she have a camel toe but an ultimate wedgie by the look of it...real professional...she probably thought those slacks would go well with top she was wearing that her boobs were hanging out of...but she did have hosiery on with her shoes so Personnel was happy.

Peace & Joy

The start of the new school year. Remember those days!
New sneakers, shoes, a new pair of jeans...not the pre-washed kind like they have today, but DARK blue made in America Levis, stiff as a board that had to be broken in. Washed 2-3 times with the old jeans so that some of the dye would bleed out into the old ones....(All you over 40s know what i'm talking about!)
School shopping...glad that my kiddies are past that stage.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hi, my name is Lindi and i am a Chocoholic.
I have been told by my urologist that if I do not want to get kidney stones again that I should avoid eating chocolate.
Of course he told me that after I ate about 5 lbs of the stuff at Easter time.
Chocolate has been a part of my life for as far back as i can remember.....Chocolate hearts that said "I Love You" on valentines day, easter baskets full of chocolate bunnies, Bags full of halloween chocolate candy, and chocolate fudge and cookies at Christmas......Fudge brownies, chocolate truffles, Godiva chocolates...Hot chocolate with more :(
"Death by Chocolate" Ice Cream.....
Ah....Death by Chocolate or no death at all!!!
I guess I'll just be a vanilla girl...or not .... ;-)

I keep meaning to write in this thing. Good ideas come to me on what to write, but then the computer will be occupied by others or I have to do something else. Don’t dare try to journal at work or the IT people will be reading it...It already sucks that they have “forbidden” us to use AOL IM, as it supposively reeks havoc on the other programs and applications ....blah blah...makes your computer run slower....blah blah...yeah, right. I suspect that it’s because they can’t readily read those conversations like they can on the other IM we can use. Anyone caught using AOL IM can be terminated. So I have no easy way to converse with Boy or Girl when they are at college, as both calls are long distance and Boy never keeps his cell phone on.

It’s been a week since I had my hair cut, last Sat....Mon. at work only 2 people noticed, but then Tues lots of people commented on it. Hubby still either a) hasn’t noticed or b) just hasn’t bothered to say anything.....>:/

It’s the big holiday weekend. Columbus Day or if you’re Canadian, Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. Boy wants me to make a turkey dinner as he is coming home this weekend. :-) Have the makings for a lasagna though so will probably do that. Mass quantities of lasagna, so he can take some back to college.

I have 1 vehicle, a car I went out one day last year and bought all by myself without hubby. Hubby has 2 vehicles, a ‘96 van and a ‘91 red, “hot,” costs more to insure than it’s worth, car. So who doesn’t have a vehicle to drive right now...ME! I had to drop the van off at the shop for breaks as they are rusty and leaky and the Red car has serious muffler issues.

So, as Hubby is going to get boy from college directly after work, being the sweet wife that I am, I’m allowing him to drive my car....the car that last year after I bought it he said, after he finally decided to talk to me (3 weeks later), that he would NEVER ever ever drive. Actually, he thought that I had today off and was PLANNING to take my car. The car that he said we didn’t need.... But as it is raining and the drive to the college is all hills I’d rather he picked up Boy in a vehicle with operational brakes.

If the red car was a horse I would have shot it a long time ago. Being 5'10' tall my head just clears the ceiling in that thing. I joke that I have to open that sun roof so I have enough head room. If it were a better model of car it wouldn’t be so bad.....

Girl will probably also make an appearance this weekend...laundry in tow of course...knowing that I’ll be making some decent food as boy is home. Hopefully we can get to do something fun this weekend. I have the holiday off Monday and took Tuesday off. Was supposed to have a whole day off today, but only took a half day and switched the full day to Tues. .....

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